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Hosted by The ESCAPISM Retreat & tbg Events For Women Ages 50+

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In the heart of the Indio desert, an invitation unfolds—a gentle call for you to join an intimate circle of extraordinary women for a luxury escape crafted just for you.


Welcome to Inward in Indio

Hosted by The Escapism Retreat and tbg Events.

We are so glad you’re here. 


Life has a way of keeping us on autopilot, and so often we look up and realize we've been missing it - life, that is. This experience is about doing just the opposite of that. It's about not missing it. It's about bringing ourselves to the present moment and savoring it. 


We cordially invite you to take a pause with us, a deep and intentional inhale. And exhale. 

We invite you to reconnect with the essence of who you really are. This retreat is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the desert, surrounded by the warmth and understanding of kindred spirits who can understand, appreciate and lovingly relate to your journey.


We have curated four days that will cause you to arrive one way and leave forever changed. The beauty and tranquility of this space leaves enough room and stillness for us to do a necessary work within ourselves, which is to open up and lean into the now. 


Join a lovely group of women, ages 50+ in beautiful Indio, California - not too far from Joshua Tree. Come and practice mindfulness with us. Get your necessary dose of healing as the new year unfolds. Allow us to cater to you for an extended weekend. You won't even have to think if you don't choose to. We’ve thought of everything for you. 


The Escapism Retreat operates just as its name suggests. It is a true escape from the daily norms and concerns of life. We operate in flow. We leave behind all inhibition, and we open ourselves WIDE to the beautiful unknown. The outcome is always beautiful. 


Inward in Indio is an Escapism Retreat that is a first of its kind. It is sure to go down in our books as one of our most memorable experiences. We are so excited to host this retreat alongside Tammy Dickerson, Founder of tbg Events. As a vibrant fifty-something herself, Tammy recognizes the importance of experiences like this and desires to create spaces for her peers to escape with her. 


Together we plan to make this an unforgettable moment in time, and we certainly hope you will join in.

About the Hosts

Inward in Indio is Hosted by The Escapism Retreat and tbg Events

We are excited to offer our first 50+ Retreat alongside the beautiful inspiration that is Tammy Dickerson, Founder and CEO of tbg Events. 

Some time ago, Tammy expressed her desire to marry her love of events and travel and create spaces of escape for her friends and peers. We loved the idea and are so proud and excited to finally bring this vision to life.


Meet us in Indio.

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