About Escapism

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An intimate retreat designed for seekers, adventurers and free spirits.

Escapism is about creating an experience that encapsulates the inspiration of waking up in a new and beautiful place. It's about leaving the mundane behind and tapping into the senses. It's all about mindfulness and being consumed with the present.


"If you can't live near the inspiration, at least you can visit for a while and then take a bit home with you."


The hope is that women leave more in tune with themselves, more peaceful and inspired to live a free and beautiful life.

That they leave the heaviness behind and return home packing light.    

The Escapism Retreat encourages an intimate group of strangers to travel solo to a beautiful destination with the hopes of connecting with like minds and spirits. Those strangers inevitably leave as family after pouring out and releasing their inhibitions together throughout the entire experience. Dreams are celebrated and talked through. Fears are tossed away and replaced with shared stories of hope and triumph. It's truly a beautiful time of sisterhood, adventure, and self-care. 

Each morning starts with setting an intention and receiving a writing prompt followed by meditation and a delicious home-cooked breakfast made with love in-house. The days are largely free to be spent any way you wish outside of optional group activities, like hiking and exploring. Professional photoshoots are sure to be a highlight for those who seek to capture this moment of escapism.

Evenings are all about connecting over another meal prepared in-house. Fireside chats are a nightly staple and usually the highlight of the day. During this time, a question is posed to each individual, which initiates a conversation that carries us into the night. These conversations are very often pivotal, life-changing moments for those who choose to be open.


Each moment of each day is optional. Everything about this retreat is made to be easy and free-flowing. The goal is to leave fully recharged and ready to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.   

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