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There are few places you can travel that are as laid back and cool as Austin, Texas. And not many places have such a wide spectrum of offerings. The culture in Austin is set apart: Food, Music, Outdoorsy Adventures, Art, People, and unique attractions. 

Escapism in Austin just feels right. Wide open spaces to just be, and the perfect Fall weather to adventure outdoors. This retreat will feel a lot like grounding while also allowing yourself to dance in the wind. 

Learn more below.


4 Days/3 Nights
Ground Transportation To and From Airport
Welcome Breakfast
Farewell Dinner
Continental Breakfast - Daily

Also Included:
Yoga with In-House Certified Instructor
Professional Photographer On-site
*Shared Photo Album Included

Signature Fireside Chats Facilitated by Brandie
Journaling/Reflective Prompts and Discussions - Daily
Built in Leisure Time
Curated surprises, gifts and special offerings that make ESCAPISM as magical as it is

*All activities are very optional
*Itinerary is Free Flowing

*Add ons offered

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