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We felt it appropriate to switch up the landscape a bit, and we mean that literally. At the top of '24 Escapism will be traveling into the natural beauty of the West. It's one of those destination that doesn't easily get checked off on your bucket list. Well, here we are, giving you a reason to visit. 

In addition to the snow and landscape, we're also traveling the weekend of The Sundance Film Festival, and while we'll be removed from the buzz of the crowds, it does remain an option: another bucket list kind of thing. 

Utah in the winter will be the perfect opportunity to go inward, recharge, and prepare for the year ahead. We guarantee a lot of natural teas and herbal remedies. Tons of ease and warmth and rest and soul - food.


Come fill up with us. 

Learn more below.


4 Days/3 Nights
Ground Transportation To and From Airport
All Breakfasts + Dinners Included (*We encourage exploration during the day/lunch and also provide light bites and snacks in the retreat house)

Also Included:
Signature Escapism Adventure/Experience
Yoga with In-House Certified Instructor
Professional Photographer On-site
Private Photography Session
*Shared Photo Album Included

Signature Fireside Chats Facilitated by Brandie
Journaling/Reflective Prompts and Discussions - Daily

Coaching Session w/ Brandie Freely *optional

Built in Leisure Time
Curated surprises, gifts and special offerings that make ESCAPISM as magical as it is

*All activities are very optional
*Itinerary is Free Flowing

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