A moment for self.

The Escapism Retreat is about carving out a moment of time to just be. To breathe. To rest. To find peace. Clarity. To relate with like minds. To let go. To unravel. And be put back together again. To feel. To connect. To find your center far away from it all, lost in nature, and surrounded by beauty. This is retreat is about going inward; it's about the transformative power of stillness. 

Upcoming Retreats

    Thu, Oct 07
    San Francisco Bay Area
    Oct 07, 5:00 PM – Oct 10, 12:00 PM
    San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
    The beautiful San Francisco Bay Area is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy. Join us for a luxuriously curated experience of a lifetime in the heart of Wine Country during the best time to visit: beautiful October.
    Thu, Jan 13
    Private Resort Tulum
    Jan 13, 2022, 4:00 PM – Jan 17, 2022, 11:00 AM
    Private Resort Tulum, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
    ESCAPISM has decided to get our feet wet on an international trip to the gorgeous waters of Mexico! We're thrilled about this truly Five-Star experience on an insanely gorgeous private resort!
    Time is TBD
    Southern California, Southern California, CA, USA
    This magical weekend is curated especially for women 50+ to escape and retreat with like-minded individuals. The time will be well spent with meaningful moments of leisure and adventure. Be sure to RSVP to receive updates and information about this ESCAPISM! You don't want to miss out!
    Thu, Jul 22
    New Orleans
    Jul 22, 5:00 PM – Jul 25, 12:00 PM
    New Orleans, New Orleans, LA, USA
    ESCAPISM is back! Based on the current COVID 19 projections, we feel confident that it will be safe to travel in late July 2021. So let's get this show on the road! We've been in the house too long and are ready to GO! There's no better city than New Orleans to make us come alive again! Join Us!
    May 21, 2:00 PM – May 23, 12:00 PM
    XANADU, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, USA
    Escapism is excited to be returning to Joshua Tree, CA, where it all started! This time, our mission is slightly different. We're headed to the desert specifically to share stories across social lines for the sake of hearing, healing, mending, understanding and transforming our hearts and minds.


"First, it felt like a safe place where I could say whatever was in my heart, good AND bad. And then how my stories were received and

embraced made me feel human. I so needed that!"

- Marissa D..

"I think the free flow was everything! Being able to choose what you wanted to take part in created the sense of freedom to allow you to forget about schedules and the time constraints that come with everyday life."

- Onyia A. 

"The retreat was life changing. Brandie invited us to take off our “titles” and welcomed us to fully be ourselves. From the very beginning, I knew I was in for a special weekend. The women I met were all amazing and the house was stylish and cozy. Being in nature gave me the pause I needed and the nightly discussions were a safe place to speak our truths. Leaving the retreat I felt replenished and grateful to have met women that I can know call sisters. The retreat was a beautiful experience that I will never be able to forget."

- Sunni J.


About Your Host

Two years ago she left everything she knew and loved in Texas and moved 1500 miles away to a place she'd dreamt of calling home for as long as she could remember. 

As she believed it would, California made her come to life. And since moving, getting married and becoming a mom of two, she has also become a full-time writer, entrepreneur and launched Escapism, a retreat for seekers. She is living her dream in real-time.

She wants other women to experience the magic and reward of leaving the known and adventuring into the unknown. She is Brandie Freely: Dreamer. Seeker. Hope Dealer. 


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